Power plant technology

Kraftwerkstechnik ROESSEL-Messtechnik is a reputed supplier in the field of temperature measuring technology for the power plant industry. Many projects have been realized by ROESSEL-Messtechnik in close cooperation with   renowned plant operators and plant manufacturers in the past decades, and the comprehensive expertise as regards types and designs of standard components as well as user-specific designs was applied successfully in various projects.

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As protection against chemical and mechanical strain thermocouples are mounted in protective armatures. The optimum type depends on the individual application. The protection tubes are made of metallic heat-resistant materials. The thermocouples are available with different types of mounting, be it screw-in, weld-in or plug-in, with connection flange or other connection technique. The measuring insert can be easiliy exchanged during operation.

In principle the thermocouple consists of the following components:

Connection head

Form A and B acc. to. EN 50446


Measuring insert



Protection tube 

DIN 43 722   


Measuring insert of resistance thermometers


Measuring uncertainty of measuring chains

For the new generation of conventional power plants with steam temperatures of 700 °C and more new ground has to be broken as regards measuring of temperature. Demands of the operators for ever higher degrees of efficiency, reduction of CO2 emission as well as assurances regarding the parameters of the operating permit can – according to the presently available technology – only be realized with appropriately adapted concepts in the field of data logging.


Comtes project

A worldwide leading project on the way to the development of state-of-the-art coal-burning power plants with steam temperatures above 700 °C is presently being implemented in Northrhine-Westphalia: Comtes700 (Component Test Facility for a 700 °C Power Plant)

New materials and components for future coal-burning power plants with a significantly increased degree of efficiency of > 50 % were tested in a perennial test operation. For this new generation of power plants an increase of the steam state to 700 °C and 350 bar is needed. This in turn requires that new materials, components and sensors have to be developped, which will withstand these loads. New nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloys with high structural stability, strength and resistance to oxydation are being used here e.g. for the protection tubes (weld-in sleeves form 4 acc. to DIN 43 772) of the temperature sensors. In addition to pressure special attention is placed on the measurement of temperature.

New ground had to be broken in some areas in order to be able to guarantee to the operators and the licensing authority at least for one year that the measuring uncertainty will be 3 K at 700 °C under full load. ROESSEL-Messtechnik, a medium-sized manufacturer with production plants in Werne on the Lippe and Dresden, has been part of this project right from the beginning with their temperature sensors and transmitters. Aleady in the design phase detailed talks were held with operators, plant and component manufacturers in order to be able to handle the challenges of this new technology. Measuring uncertainty, drift behaviour and life cycle have always been the focus.

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