Steel industry

ROESSEL-Messtechnik delivers straight thermocouples and sheathed thermocouples in many different versions for the steel industry.

Furthermore, we supply special protective pipe combinations for use in casting systems, whether for aluminum or steel melts.           

In numerous branches of industry heat-treatment or combustion processes play a decisive role in the production process and in the quality of the final product. Due to high temperatures thermocouples are almost always used. In addition to the types E, J or L, K and N, the precious-metal thermocouples of the types S, R or B are used. These have to be protected from the contaminating, corrosive and/or abrasive influences of the environmental conditions. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology, seamless quality control, consistent product quality, market proximity, reliability and service are our key strengths. More information can be found under the heading    


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