Resistance thermometers in thermowells

For protection against chemical and mechanical stresses resistance thermometers are installed in protective fittings. 

The optimal design is optained from the respective application. The thermowells are made of metallic heat-resistant materials. The resitance thermometers are available with different mounting types, be it for screwing, welding or plugging, with flange or other conection technology. The measuring insert is easily replaceable during opperation. In the illustration on the right side you find a sample photo of a model with threaded fittings. 

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Thermoelemente in Schutzrohren

Basically resistance thermometers are composed of the following components


Form A and B acc. EN 50 446


Thermo wells

DIN 43 722  


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Thermometer-Schutzrohre und Halsrohre zoom

Product information 

Thermowells and neck tubes  

of metal according to DIN 43 772

Metallgeschützte Messeinsätze zoom

Product information

Metal protected Measuring inserts  

Thermocouples and resistance thermometers DIN 43 735

Temperatur - Messumformerzoom

Product information

Temperature transmitters 

for head and rail mounting