The accuracy of temperature measurement depends to a very large degree on the quality of the sensor used. ROESSEL thermocouples are produced and tested using latest equipment and processes, there by guaranteeing constantly high quality and reliability levels. The various designs and dimensions of the sensors are in each case optimally adapted to the specific process conditions.

Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Thermocouples

Application Range :

Automotive R&D

Physical R&D

Installations with less Space

Straight thermocouples

Application Range :

Furnaces / Crematoria

Glass Industry

Steel Industry

TC with Protective Armatures

Application Range :

Power plant Technologies


Refrigerate- and Liquid Waste Technology


High Temperature MIMS TC

Application Range :

Application range over 2000°C


Physical R&D

Profile Thermocouples

Application Range :

Semiconductor Industry

TUS – Measuring acc. AMS 2750 D and CQI9

Measuring of Temperature uniformity

Special Types

Application Range :

Mineral insulated metal sheathed with diameters from 0,25 mm and 0,5 mm

Plug-in Sensor

Adhesive Thermocouples