ROESSEL transmitters are manufactured with state-of-the-art components using SMD technology. They are extremely resistant and meet highest demands. They can withstand harshest ambient conditions, and can also be supplied with ATEX certification. Resistivity against radio frequency interference acc. to industrial NAMUR standards is met.

Programmable transmitters reduce the number of measuring ranges, like with analog transmitters, to only one design. Analog transmitters are supplied with potentiometer for calibration point of zero and span, alternatively without potentiometer for highest requirements.

Our transmitters are supplied in intrinsically safe design acc. ATEX in EEx ia / ib II c T6. The electromagnetic compatibillity is acc. standard of industry to EN 50081 and EN 50082.

ROESSEL transmitters are manufactured in different designs. Prefered is the mounting in the lid of the connection head or directly on the measuring insert. Designs for field housing are also available as well as rail-mounted housing in control cabinets