CENTROCAL and RÖSSEL-Messtechnik offer all desired services under one roof at the main plant in Werne. Quality products and independent consulting service go hand in hand.

Short communication distances, transfer of know-how and an intensive cooperation create synergies for the benefit of the customers. The range of services comprises calibrations of temperature sensors and instruments; electronic measuring instruments; pressure and leak tests (He-leak test); material analyses and and X-ray tests; vibration and climatic tests.

In addition it also comprises consulting, seminars, repair, maintenance and calibration service on site; monitoring of measuring devices, as well as the implementation of the concept, introduction and maintenance of QM systems.

The following instruments are available for the calibration of temperature sensors:

Oil baths from -50 to 250 °C

Fluidized sand baths from 100 °C to 700 °C

Horizontal and vertical tube-type furnaces up to 1600 °C

Defining fixed points of the ITS 90-Scale

Water triple point 273.16 K / +0.01 °C

Metal solidification points: Sn 231.928 °C, Zn 419.527 °C, Al 660.323 °C, Ag 961.78 °C

Boiling point nitrogen 77.36 K/-195.79 °C

Sublimation point CO2 194.65 K / -78.5 °C

CENTROCAL is accredited for the measuring unit “TEMPERATURE” by the German Accreditation Authority DakkS (Berlin, Braunschweig and Frankfurt) under the registration number D-K-17734-01-00.

More detailed informations regarding the measuring unit “TEMPERATURE” on measuring uncertainty and processes can be found on our home page area “Certificates” resp.  http://www.dakks.de/content/akkreditierte-stellen-dakks