Tempco Netherlands

Tempco Nederland is a member of the Rössel Messtechnik Group, which is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of temperature sensors. Rössel manufactures miniature and industrial thermocouples, Pt100 (RTD) and transmitters. We have a complete range of connectors, thermocouples and signal cables, instrumentation and accessories.   Our know-how and expertise will assist you to make the best choice from our products for your applications. Sensors and Systems for Firing Technology are available from our business partner LAMTEC. They manufacture electronic compound regulators, burner control units and flame monitoring systems for single and multiple burners in combustion systems used in heating, industry and power plants. The application range comprises conventional oil, gas and coal installations to waste incineration.


Multiple Point temperature sensor


Semiconductor industry


 LAMTEC develops and manufactures sensors and systems for combustion technology. Reliability, efficiency and highest standards on functionality define our product range since more than 15 years. Already before foundation, todays LAMTEC team introduced the O 2 -control into the market in 1982. LAMTEC systems increase the efficiency of power plants and combustions, reduce fuel consumption and particulary the emission of polluting CO 2 . Doing so, we attach importance on our in-house development and manufacturing as well as an universal and technician-friendly application of our systems.